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Elementary School Grades Kindergarten through Sixth (K-6):

In-District transportation is NOT available.  New York State Education Law establishes mandated transportation limits for elementary schools at two miles.  Students attending private and parochial schools may be eligible for transportation, if the following requirements of the Education Law are met:

1.  The distance from home to school is at least two miles and not more than fifteen miles.

2.  Written application for transportation is submitted to the District Office: 75 Horton Avenue, Valley Stream, prior to the
April 1st. deadline of the current year, for attendance during the following school year.

Out of District Transportation Request Form (PDF)

Inquiries pertaining to transportation should be directed to Mrs. Liatto, District Office, in the William L. Buck School, at 434-2829, between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.