Technology Mission Statement

To design a positive environment in technology, train our staff in its use; integrate it into the curriculum and state standards while utilizing new technology that will enhance the learning of students.

Technology Vision Statement

The students entering Valley Stream School District Twenty-four today will graduate and live in a rapidly changing technological society. Technology has revolutionized the way people work and communicate. We believe the tools of technology have the capacity to reshape and ultimately transform the teaching and learning process as well. We are responsible for preparing our students to reason abstractly and solve complex real life problems, so that they can function successfully in this advanced society. Our networks and telecommunication abilities provide connections to vast resources that promote the development of intellectual curiosity and expand every student’s ability to understand the ever-changing world around them. Our schools exist to facilitate student learning and success. Technology will enable our teachers to provide curricular enrichment and integration that will create life-long learners who have the problem solving, critical thinking, communication and organizational skills that are essential in society today. In addition, as a district we are continually updating and planning our staff and students to meet the challenges of Internet safety. The three-year Technology Plan details the recommended approach to implementation so as to meet the goals of our district as well as having our students achieve the National Standards. Valley Stream School District Twenty-four is taking the necessary steps to develop a more effective and sophisticated computer culture for the students by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and providing training for the staff in order to restructure the learning environment.

New York State Parents' Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security

Valley Stream Union Free School District 24 is committed to protecting the privacy and security of each student’s data. The district adheres to the New York State Education Department’s Parents’ Bill of Rights For Data Privacy and Security. Parents may access the New York State Education Department’s Parents’ Bill of Rights at:​


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