5000           STUDENTS

5130                ACCESS TO STUDENT RECORDS

5113                Attendance

5403                Appointment and Training of CSE and CPSE Members

5412                Availability of Alternative Format Instructional Materials For Students With Disabilities

5200                Child Abuse and Maltreatment by a Parent or Other Personal Legally Responsible for the Child Cooperation with CPS                                                  Investigations of Child Abuse, Maltreatment or Neglect in a Domestic Setting

5131                Code of Conduct

5401                Committee on Special Education

5141                Concussion Management

5125                Confidentiality and Access to Individualized Education Programs, Individualized Education Services, Programs and Service Plans

5210                 Cooperation with CPS Investigations of Child Abuse, Maltreatment or Neglect in a Domestic Setting

5411                Declassification of Students with Disabilities

5111                Designated Schools of Attendance

5399                District-Wide and State-Wide Assessments of Students with Disabilities

5152                Equipment Storage

5148                School Food Service Program: Breakfast and Lunch

5139                Fundraising - Student Intra-School Fund Raising

5407                Impartial Hearing Officers Appointment and Compensation

5400                Non-Exclusion of CSE/CPSE Students in Programs and Activities

5147                Notification of Release of Sex Offenders by the Division of Parole

5124                Parent-Teacher Conferences

5402                Preschool Special Education

5125                Record Contents of Children with Handicapping Conditions

5110                School Admissions/Residency Requirements

5142                School Liability

5150                School Safety Plans and Teams

5404                Section #504 of the Rehabilitation Act Non-Discrimination Against Persons With Disabilities

5413                School-Wide Pre-Referral Approaches and Intervention

5405                Space Requirements - Special Education

5112                Student Dismissal Precautions/Early Release

5131.2             Student Harassment and Bullying Prevention and Intervention

5140                Student Health Services

5146               Student Privacy

5408                Surrogate Parents - Special Education Students

5119                Unsafe School Transfer Choice

5144               Student Wellness


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