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Brooklyn Avenue  School
24 Brooklyn  Avenue
Valley Stream, NY 11581
Phone:  (516) 434-2850
Fax:      (516) 256-0169
Robert W. Carbonaro School
50 Hungry Harbor Road
Valley Stream, NY 11581
Phone:  (516) 434-2860
Fax:       (516) 791-4573
William L. Buck  School
75 Horton  Avenue
Valley Stream, NY 11581
Phone:  (516) 434-2840
Fax:      (516) 256-0157

School Hours

Student Arrival and Departure Schedule:  

(7:50 am:  Morning Breakfast Program)

8:10 am:  Student Arrival​

8:25 am:  Classes Begin

2:50 pm:  Kindergarten Student Departure

2:55 pm:  Grades (1-6) Student Departure

Parents will be notified if a child is asked to remain after 2:55 PM

Bus Students

No student will be released by the bus driver unless they are met by a parent/guardian or their designee upon arrival at home.  If they are returned to the school, the local police department will be notified to ensure the safety of the student after the closing of the building.