​2000          ADMINISTRATION

2003                Building Principals

​​2005                Decision in the Absence of Board Policy

2002A             Instrument for Evaluation of the Superintendent

2004                Line of Responsibility

2002             Suggested Procedures for Evaluation of the Superintendent of Schools

2001              Superintendent of Schools


5000           STUDENTS

5113               Student Attendance

5125.1A           Access to Student Records

5403                Appointment and Training of CSE and CPSE Members

5412                Availability of Alternative Format Instructional Materials For Students With Disabilities

5200                Child Abuse and Maltreatment by a Parent or Other Personal Legally Responsible for the Child Cooperation with CPS                                                  Investigations of Child Abuse, Maltreatment or Neglect in a Domestic Setting

5151                Civil Defense and Disasters

5131.1             Code of Conduct

5401                Committee on Special Education

5125                Confidentiality and Access to Individualized Education Programs, Individualized Education Services, Programs and Service Plans

5210                 Cooperation with CPS Investigations of Child Abuse, Maltreatment or Neglect in a Domestic Setting

5411                Declassification of Students with Disabilities

5117.1             District Attendance Boundaries

5399                District-Wide and State-Wide Assessments of Students with Disabilities

5113.4             Early Dismissal

5117                Enrollment

5110.1             Entrance/Placement/Residency

5152                Equipment Storage

5150                Evacuation Plan

5149                Fire Drills

5148                School Food Service Program: Breakfast and Lunch

5139.1a          Fundraising and Donations Drive Approval Form

5139                Fundraising - Student Intra-School Fund Raising

5139.1             Fundraising for Charities

5110.2             Grade Placement for Entering Students

5110.3             Homeless Children

5407                Impartial Hearing Officers Appointment and Compensation

5118.3             Interdistrict Agreements

5400                Non-Exclusion of CSE/CPSE Students in Programs and Activities

5147                Notification of Release of Sex Offenders by the Division of Parole

5124                Parent-Teacher Conferences

5146.1             Playground Supervision

5402                Preschool Special Education

5125                Record Contents of Children with Handicapping Conditions

5143                Release of Students During Lunch Period
5110.5             Re-Registration of Students

5116                School Census

5142                School Liability

5404                Section #504 of the Rehabilitation Act Non-Discrimination Against Persons With Disabilities

5413                School-Wide Pre-Referral Approaches and Intervention

5139                Soliciting Funds

5405                Space Requirements - Special Education

5145                Student Bicycle Helmet Policy

5139.3             Student Drives for In-Kind Donations for a Particular Purpose

5131.2             Student Harassment and Bullying Prevention and Intervention

5140                Student Health Services

5146               Student Privacy

5408                Surrogate Parents - Special Education Students

5406                Suspension of Students With Disabilities

5118.1             Tuition Pupils/Fees

5119                Unsafe School Transfer Choice

5144                Wellness Policies on Physical Activity and Nutrition

District Policies



3400                Authorized Signatures

3110                Annual Budget

3160                Budget Transfers

3520                Business and Non-Instructional Operations

3517                Business and Non-Instructional Operations - Buildings and Grounds Security

3532                Business and Non-Instructional Operations - Insurance

3410                Claims Auditor

3601                Computer Control Policies

3325                Credit Cards

3291                Definitions

3260                Disposal of Broken/Surplus/Obsolete School District Property

3526                Emergency Planning

3526.1             Emergency Planning Committee

3700                Expense Reimbursement

3500                Extra Classroom Activity Funds

3100                Fiscal Controls

3120                Fiscal Accounting and Reporting

3291                Fixed Asset Accounting

3292                Fund Balance and Reserve Fund

3420                Independent/External Audits

3290                Investment Policies & Guidelines

3290-R .          District Investment Regulations 

3170                On-Line Banking Services    

3600                Payroll Procedures

3300                 Petty Cash/Petty Cash Accounts

3301                Purchasing

3111                Public Report on Revisions to District Policies, Practices and Procedures Upon a Finding of Significant Disproportionality

3450                Retention of District Owned Record and Materials

3545                Transportation

3545.3             Transportation of Students Attending Non-Public Schools

3545.4             Transportation of Students with Handicapping Conditions

District Policies


4000           PERSONNEL

4131.1             Attendance at Conferences

4237                Breaking Ties in Seniority

4112                Conditional Appointment & Emergency Conditional Appointment - Student Safety

4110                Employee Disclosure

4117                Evaluation of Teaching Staff

4335                HIV-Infected Persons

4216.2             Job Description - Building Principals

            Job Description - Director Instructional Technology and Data Job Description

4216.6             Job Description - Director of Special Education

4216.8            Job Description - Director of Finance and Operations

4216.10           Job Description - Director of Curriculum

4111.1a           Nondiscrimination

4131                 Professional Growth

4111                Recruitment and Selection of Instructional Personnel

4144.1             Reimbursement for Damage to Personal Motor Vehicles

4350                Staff Complaints and Grievances

4410                Staff Drug, Alcohol and Substance Abuse

4154                Staff Involvement in Child Custody Dispute

4132                Training of CSE/CPSE and Special Education Personnel

4134                Tutoring

4144.2a          Volunteer Log Sheet

4144.2             Worker's Compensation

Welcome to the Valley Stream School District 24 web page.  The District Website has many important features, and one of them is the listing of the District Policies, which are the laws and practices we are required to follow.  For ease of use, the policies are accessible via the headings located on theleft hand side of this web page.  For more information on district policies, please contact the District Office.


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​​​7000          NEW CONSTRUCTION​​


9000          BYLAWS OF THE BOARD

9300               Board Officers and Committees

9000               Formulation, Adoption and Amendment of Policies

9100               School Board Legal Status

9200               Annual Budget Vote and School Board Elections

9400               Board of Education Meetings


6000          INSTRUCTION

6173               Alternative Instruction

6113               Cell Phones and Pagers

6151               Class Size Policy

6144               Controversial Issues

6121               Curriculum Management

6117                Display of the Flag

6155                English Language Learners Instruction

6115                Holiday Programs

6173.1             Home Instruction

6173.1a           Home Instruction - Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP)

6173.2             Homebound Instruction for Special Education Students

6154                Homework

6122                Instructional Materials

6161.3             Local Area Network and The Internet

6111.2             Memorial Services

6153                Overnight Trips

6111                Policy on School Calendar

6111.1             Policy on School Closings

6144.2             Political Activities

6112.1             School Opening Exercises

6164                Social Media and Online Communications

6160                Standard Instructional Practices





1000             COMMUNITY RELATIONS​​

1105                Classroom Visitation

1150                Comprehensive Alcohol/Chemical Substance Policy

1106                Commercial Transactions and Advertising on School Premises           

1101                 Communication with the Public

1108                 Community Use of School Facilities and Equipment

1109                Cooperation with Outside Organizations

1313                Gifts to the School

1102                Individual School Publications

1331                Information Security Breach and Notification

1100               News Releases

1242                Parental Involvement

1107                 Public Performance by Students

1103                 Recognition of Public Organizations

1337                Safety

1326                Vandalism

1104                Visitors to the Schools